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North Carolina Drug and Alcohol Rehab With TRICARE Insurance

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Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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Sahil Talwar, PA-C, MBA


All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Affording the Cost of Rehab in North Carolina With TRICARE Insurance

Active-duty, retired military personnel, and their families experience addiction and alcoholism at devastating rates. Unfortunately, the thought of having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for treatment deters many people from seeking the help they need.

As a family-owned and operated drug and alcohol rehab in North Carolina, we understand the importance of taking care of your loved ones. We also understand how stressful finances can get. Those are two reasons why we partner with as many health insurance companies as possible – to provide you and your family with the compassionate care you need at a low price.

At Carolina Center for Recovery, we’re proud to announce that we are in-network with TRICARE insurance and are a TRICARE certified provider. If you have TRICARE health insurance, some or all of your treatment here may be covered in your insurance plan.

Understanding TRICARE Health Plans

There are a total of 8 different TRICARE health plans members can choose from. These are:

  • TRICARE Young Adult – this plan is reserved for young adults who do not qualify for any other TRICARE option.
  • TRICARE Retired Reserve – this is a premium plan that covers retired service members, veterans under 60 years old, and their families.
  • TRICARE Reserve Select – this is also a premium-based plan that covers qualified members of the reserve and their family members.
  • TRICARE for Life – this is the Medicare option for TRICARE that can be added to the plans of people who already have Medicare Part A and B.
  • TRICARE Prime – this plan provides coverage to specific geographical areas only.
  • TRICARE Prime Remote – this plan provides coverage for remote locations in the U.S. as well as some locations overseas.
  • TRICARE Standard and Extra – a plan that requires a payment but not an enrollment
  • TRICARE Standard Overseas – this plan provides coverage for TRICARE policyholders who are stationed overseas.

The type of plan you have will determine how much of the costs your insurance will cover.

North Carolina Addiction Treatment With TRICARE Insurance

Like other health plans, TRICARE meets the minimum standards set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACT). This ensures that people with TRICARE insurance have a right to insurance benefits when attending a mental or behavioral healthcare program.

Before choosing a rehab center in North Carolina, you will want to verify your insurance benefits with an intake coordinator. They can go over your benefits with you and provide you with cost estimates as well as an outline of what your specific plan will cover.

Fortunately, most TRICARE health plans cover both urgent and non-emergent addiction-related services. This means they will provide coverage for detox, medications, and day treatmentilitation. However, policyholders must meet three specific conditions in order to apply for this coverage. These conditions are:

  • Must have a formal diagnosis of substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Must experience withdrawal symptoms that are severe enough to require medical support
  • Must have difficulty functioning in day-to-day life

If you meet these criteria, your TRICARE insurance plan will cover a portion of your day treatmentilitation services.

TRICARE plans will also provide partial coverage for outpatient rehab services, including intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP). Each person’s plan and benefits will be different, so it’s important to confirm with your insurer or an admissions coordinator before making a decision for treatment.

Verify Your Health Insurance Today

Being aware of what North Carolina addiction treatment services your TRICARE health insurance plan will cover will be helpful in allowing you to choose a rehab program. To confirm your benefits, simply call your insurance provider to see what your policy covers. Or, you can reach out to one of our dedicated treatment providers who can verify these benefits for you.

At Carolina Center for Recovery, we appreciate the hard work put in by our active-duty service members, veterans, and all other military personnel. That’s why we have become a TRICARE certified drug and alcohol rehab center in North Carolina – so you can get the help you deserve.

Don’t wait any longer. Pick up the phone and call now to speak with an addictions counselor and verify your insurance.