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Should You Travel For Rehab?

Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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Should You Travel For Rehab?

Making the decision to enter an addiction rehabilitation center is the most important decision an individual can make. It is not uncommon for people to ask “Should I go to drug or alcohol rehab close to home or far away from home?” In most cases, traveling for rehab is preferred over staying at home to receive help for your addiction. However, deciding on whether or not you should travel for rehab is a personal decision. As a result, it varies for each individual.


Should I Travel for Rehab?

The decision to travel or stay home to receive treatment for your substance abuse is an important endeavor. It is best to make this decision without emotion or haste. As severe as it may sound, this is a matter of life or death. When choosing a rehab program, it is most important you find the right one for you. Don’t be afraid to research what type of program will best suit you, your addiction, as well as your physical and emotional needs. 


The location of drug and alcohol rehab is one of the most important factors for choosing a rehab. For some individuals, removing the harmful people, places, and things by traveling for rehab is ideal. It might be the only way they will be able to maintain long term sobriety and heal. For others, staying close to their home base and the comfort of friends and family is a necessity. Regardless, you should remain open-minded to traveling for rehab to get the best level of care in your recovery.


Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

Some suggest an individual leave home for rehab because there are a number of benefits that follow the shift in geographical location. Changing locations is great for creating space and time for the family and individual recovering while cultivating healing. There is a feeling of relief in traveling away from the home in which you created total destruction. This can allow you to start fresh with a new beginning – away from your addiction. Traveling for rehab will often reinforce a fresh start. It can create distance from environmental triggers, old habits, negative influences, and situational stressors.


It is true that you can start fresh anywhere, but it can be much more difficult when you are continually exposed to old people, places, and things that remind you of your addiction. Many individuals benefit from having distance between themselves and their old addicted lives. It can cultivate a fresh and supportive foundation for recovery. Traveling for rehab will encourage you to begin to establish new relationships and mental/physical boundaries. Studies have shown that traveling to a quality rehab increases the chances of maintaining long-term sobriety.


Some individuals are often concerned about the professional and social impact of attending addiction treatment. As a result, traveling for rehab may protect his or her reputation. Many people worry that if anyone finds out that he or she is attending a local rehab, then they will be judged and even face professional consequences. Privacy is an important factor for an individual seeking substance abuse treatment. Traveling to a different city or state for rehabilitation ensures anonymity and reduces the risk of running into people you may know.


It may not be the most convenient event, but sometimes it is best to travel outside of your hometown to receive treatment. Most insurance plans offer a variety of treatment options that include in-state as well as out of state facilities. 


Benefits of Staying Local for Rehab

Although it is often recommended for an individual to travel for rehab, there are benefits to receiving treatment at a recovery center near you as well. Financially, it may be more cost-efficient and practical for individuals seeking to receive substance abuse treatment. Traveling for rehab in another city or state will result in airfare, gas, and possibly hotel stays added to the treatment plan budget. This may make attending a local treatment center a better option. 


Another important benefit of attending a local rehab is remaining close to family members and loved ones. Having the support and community of family and friends is very helpful for an individual in treatment. Attending a rehabilitation program close to home allows your loved ones to be actively involved in the recovery process. Almost all treatment centers offer family therapy sessions and visitation hours. 


Staying local for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is also beneficial because of the administration’s involvement and familiarity with the area. Local individuals are equipped with local treatment resources and even the recovery community. These resources make it much easier to create an aftercare plan for you as you prepare to complete treatment and return home. In terms of aftercare, local rehabs have the advantage of providing patients with a safe network of friends, family, and therapists that are always available nearby. 


Staying local for rehab gives individuals a sense of calmness and comfortability. The individuals are familiar with the area they are in rather than being in a foreign town that they know nothing about. Some patients may need to attend local rehab facilities because they are unable to leave their job, responsibilities, or children behind. In these cases, individuals may have the opportunity to stay local. As a result, individuals can attend an intensive outpatient program while still maintaining their commitments and responsibilities.