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Why Do People Encourage 90 Meetings in 90 Days?

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Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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Recovering from addiction is a lifelong process. A recovery journey may begin when you choose to get the help you need, but it will require ongoing commitment, dedication to sobriety, and support. For many in recovery, 12-step meetings provide a safe place to learn about addiction, process emotions, and make new connections.

Many people new to recovery are advised to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. But what does this mean, and why is it important? This article will explore the benefits of “90 in 90” at the beginning of your recovery and how to find addiction treatment and support when you need it.

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What Does “90 in 90” Mean?

People new to sobriety receive a lot of advice from doctors, addiction treatment center staff, well-meaning friends and family members, and others in recovery. One of the most common pieces of advice? Do 90 in 90. But what does this mean?

“90 in 90” is the practice of going to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting every day for 90 days in a row. People new to sobriety require a lot of support. They may not feel physically or emotionally stable or feel they have the resources they need to manage days when their sobriety feels fragile.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a reliable form of peer support that can give people a place to process their emotions, learn from others, and share their personal stories. Newly sober people can benefit from developing and following a routine that provides structure, community, and support daily as they adapt to a sober lifestyle.

The Benefits of Attending 90 Meetings in 90 Days

When someone is newly sober, medical or addiction specialists may give them the advice to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. But what is behind this common piece of advice?

There are many benefits to attending 90 meetings in 90 days. Here are some of the most significant reasons to consider attending 90 meetings in 90 days.


Addiction can be lonely. While people who drink or use drugs may start using substances in social situations, people with addiction often find themselves isolated from others and profoundly alone.

Attending 90 meetings in 90 days helps to get you out of the house and into the world. You’ll meet people who have struggled with substance misuse and addiction–and who have committed themselves to sobriety.


Addiction is often fueled by daily tasks: get money, find drugs or alcohol, use, and recover. Recovering from addiction must become your new focus, and you must replace these tasks with activities that support your newfound sobriety.

Attending 90 meetings in 90 days can help deepen your commitment to sobriety. Instead of waiting for recovery, you’ll make it happen.


Each person has their own experiences with substance use, addiction, and recovery. No two people have the exact same journey–but each person in AA is on a path that can lead them to lifelong sobriety.

When you attend 90 meetings in 90 days, you’ll hear stories from people at many points of their recovery journey. In the beginning, you’ll be the “newbie” still learning the ropes of sobriety. You’ll hear wisdom and experiences that can guide your course. You’ll learn new skills, develop your empathy, and be able to give and receive kindness without judgment.

When sobriety feels hard and you feel like giving up, you’ll be able to think about the stories and wisdom you’ve heard and use them as inspiration to keep fighting for your sobriety–and you’ll have a community to celebrate with you when you succeed.

A better understanding of the 12 steps

The 12 steps can be overwhelming when you first hear or read them. Attending 90 meetings in 90 days gives you the time to fully understand the 12 steps and learn how to integrate them into your recovery.

You’ll hear the explanations behind the steps, of course. But more importantly, you’ll listen to others’ stories about how they’ve used the steps during the earliest days of recovery and beyond.


It may surprise some people who have only seen 12-step meetings on TV or in movies, but AA meetings can be a lot of fun. People in AA connect meaningfully, get to know each other’s stories, and often enjoy spending time with one another. People may make lasting friendships and spend time with people outside meetings, too. Going to 90 meetings in 90 days can help you build a new, supportive social circle with people who know, understand, and like you just the way you are.

Learn More About the Benefits of Attending 90 Meetings in 90 Days

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