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How to Find a Drug Rehab Center in North Carolina That Accepts Your Insurance

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Medically Verified: 2/1/24

Medical Reviewer:

Sahil Talwar, PA-C, MBA


All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that can wreak havoc on your life. When left untreated, substance abuse issues can lead to financial devastation, the exacerbation of mental health issues, the development of physical health conditions, and much more.

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol rehab can be expensive, causing people to avoid getting the help they need. While substance abuse treatment can be pricey, there are ways to lower the cost and make treatment more affordable–like using insurance.

The easiest way to pay for addiction treatment is to use your health insurance. Not all rehab centers are in-network with all insurance plans, so it’s important to find a drug rehab center that is in-network with your insurance.

Do All Insurance Plans Pay for Rehab?

Addiction treatment has the potential to become extremely expensive. When you factor in the cost of therapy, medical treatments, detoxification services, food, and housing, it’s easy to see how rehab can become costly. Thankfully, there are federal laws in place that require health insurance companies to cover substance abuse treatment services.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 is a law that requires insurance providers to recognize addiction treatment as an essential aspect of health care.[1] This means that you cannot be denied coverage when you are seeking help for a substance use disorder.

Some of the substance abuse recovery services that are covered under the ACA include:

  • Substance use disorder assessment and diagnosis
  • Addiction intervention
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Visits to addiction clinics
  • Alcohol and drug screening
  • Family therapy
  • Residential or inpatient treatment

In addition to the ACA, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 prevents healthcare insurance companies from imposing unfair spending limits on mental health and addiction treatment services.[2] In other words, your insurance company cannot require you to pay high out-of-pocket fees for your substance abuse treatment. This means that your plan will cover addiction treatment in the same fashion as it does with other forms of medical care.

Why is Finding an In-Network Drug Rehab so Important?

When you are looking for a rehab center to attend, you will want to ensure that it is in-network. Being “in-network” just means that the facility you are interested in accepts your health insurance. In other words, if you find that a rehab program is out-of-network, that means that your insurance will not cover the cost of treatment.

For example, while one facility may accept Medicare and Medicaid, another might not. If your specific insurance plan is not accepted at the drug rehab center you are interested in, you may be expected to pay the full cost of treatment out-of-pocket.

It is extremely important that you find an in-network drug rehab so your health insurance plan will pay for at least part of your treatment services. Using your health insurance prevents you from having to pay for your recovery program out-of-pocket, saving you tons of money. Because drug and alcohol rehab can be incredibly costly, you will want to find a rehab center that accepts your specific type of insurance.

How to Find a North Carolina Drug Rehab that Accepts Your Insurance

There are tons of different healthcare plans and a large variety of rehab facilities you can choose from. However, some facilities only accept a small number of insurance plans, making it imperative that you know how to decipher whether a program accepts your specific type of coverage.

Speak With Your Insurance Provider

One way to find out which drug and rehab treatment centers in North Carolina accept your insurance is to speak with your insurance provider. When you call your insurance company, you can request a list of drug and rehab treatment centers that accept your insurance. You can usually do this on your insurance company’s website as well.

Once you receive the list of in-network addiction treatment centers, you should begin researching each program. Read their testimonials, take a tour of the facility, and find out what the treatment center specializes in. Now that you know which programs accept your insurance, you can begin looking into which facility will best suit your needs.

Contact Treatment Centers

Maybe you know someone who has attended drug rehab and you are interested in going to the same facility they did. If you already have specific treatment centers in mind, you can contact them to see if they accept your insurance. Many drug rehab centers in North Carolina accept a wide range of insurance plans to provide a wide array of people with the help they need.

Find an In-Network Drug Rehab Center in North Carolina

If you or your loved one suffers from a substance use disorder, it’s time to consider getting professional help. While the cost of addiction treatment can be extremely high, many rehab programs in North Carolina accept a wide variety of insurance plans. Finding an in-network drug rehab center can allow you to get the help you need without breaking the bank.

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