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Will My Insurance Pay for Rehab in North Carolina?

Medically Verified: 2/1/24

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There are so many reasons to get treatment for substance abuse. Left untreated, addiction can cause serious, long-lasting problems. It negatively impacts peoples’ mental and physical health and can lead to financial, legal, and social problems. With all the reasons to get help, many people who struggle with addiction delay getting treatment for years–or never do. Why is this?

There are many reasons someone might not get addiction treatment when they need it. They may worry about taking time away from work or their family or may not recognize that their addiction is as severe as it is. Some people may be afraid of the stigma that surrounds the issue of addiction and want to keep it hidden from the people around them.

One of the most common concerns people have about getting addiction treatment is how they will pay for it. If you or someone you love requires addiction treatment, you may wonder how to have your insurance pay for rehab–or if it is even possible. Fortunately, all insurance providers will pay for rehab in North Carolina. Understanding your health insurance plan and learning more about using your insurance to pay for rehab can help you make informed decisions when choosing a treatment program.

Will My Insurance Pay for Rehab in North Carolina?

In the recent past, insurance companies were allowed to deny coverage for mental health care and substance abuse treatment. This left many people struggling to afford treatment for these serious conditions on their own, which often resulted in people going without the life-saving care they required.

Thanks to the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies are required to offer coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment.[1] While there are some stipulations and limitations to this coverage, treatment for mental health and addiction is generally covered. It is important to check with your specific insurance provider to see how much of your specific treatment program will be covered. This will allow you to make the right decision for yourself and avoid surprises.

Can I Lose My Insurance Coverage While I Am in Rehab?

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires your employer to continue offering health insurance while you are on a leave to complete an addiction treatment program in North Carolina. You will still be required to make the regular financial contributions you made while working, but your coverage will continue as long as you are employed.[2]

In addition to protecting your health insurance coverage, FMLA also protects your job. You are allowed to take time off work to complete substance abuse treatment and must be allowed to return to the same position when your treatment program ends.

What If I Can’t Use Insurance to Pay for Rehab?

If you do not have medical insurance and require substance abuse treatment, there are several options to explore.

  • Get insurance: see if you qualify for Medicare or a state insurance plan. If you are unsure of where to begin in this process, reach out to the admissions staff at your substance abuse treatment facility. They often have insurance specialists who can help you navigate the process of obtaining health insurance.
  • Work out a payment plan: many treatment facilities offer the option to work out a payment plan that allows you to spread out the cost of treatment over months or years. For those who need treatment but who need to pay out of pocket, a payment plan makes the cost of treatment feel more manageable.
  • Borrow from your 401(k) or home equity: if you have a significant amount of retirement savings or home equity, you may be able to withdraw money from these accounts to help cover the cost of your North Carolina rehab program.
  • Ask friends and family for support: your friends and family may be able and willing to help you pay for the substance abuse treatment you need. Small contributions from several people can add up quickly.

If you require addiction treatment, do not let the cost keep you from getting help. The true cost of addiction is not measured in dollars. It is measured by harm to your health, lost opportunities, strained relationships, and real threats to your safety and wellbeing. When you consider the true costs of substance abuse, it quickly becomes clear that you can no longer afford to keep living with addiction. Help and support are available.

Verify Your Insurance and Learn How to Pay for Rehab in North Carolina Today

At the Carolina Center for Recovery, we know that getting into a treatment program and paying for it can seem overwhelming. That is why we offer a range of adaptable programs that can help you overcome addiction and the support you need to make it affordable. Our services are also in-network with most major insurance providers, including BlueCross BlueShield, TRICARE, Ambetter, and Bright Health Plans. Whether you need help obtaining insurance or navigating your benefits, we can help streamline the process so you can focus on what is important: recovering from addiction.

If you want more information or are ready to get started in one of our life-changing programs, call today. Our admissions coordination can verify your insurance eligibility and connect you with a drug and alcohol rehab center in North Carolina that is right for you.